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Camping is more than just about having fun. It’s an opportunity to escape from everyday cares, clear your mind, make new friends and get back to the little things that mean so much. In fact, camping can have a remarkable healing effect on both body and spirit. And nobody needs healing and hope more than children with cancer.

That’s why in 1984 KOA campground owners came together to create the KOA Care Camps Trust. This trust raises money to send children with cancer to specialized summer camps throughout North America.


At these camps, kids have the chance to experience summer camp with others their age who understand what they’re going through. They swim, hike, sing, laugh, make new friends and create joy-filled memories, all while receiving the medical treatment they need.

To date, KOA Care Camps has raised more than $9.6 million through activities on KOA campgrounds, donations received from our amazing camping guests and support from local, regional and national corporate sponsorships.

If you’re ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of these remarkable children, we invite you to join us. If you have any questions or would like to learn how you can get involved, please contact us.

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