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KOA Care Camps Annual Reports


Each year, we utilize the generous donations from supporters to run a free summer camping experience for children with cancer. The contributions cover all of the children’s expenses, which benefit the families very much. The KOA Care Camps Trust attempts to add 1-2 more campgrounds that support even more children yearly. We welcome you to explore our Annual Reports to discover more information about our wonderful program. Currently, the KOA Care Camps Trust extends across one hundred and twelve campgrounds all across the United States and Canada.

  Last year alone, The Trust was able to raise over 1.4 million dollars in donations. These donations have allowed over 40,000 children with cancer to experience summer camping. KOA Care Camps is sure to always create a positive and constructive environment.  During camp, the children are surrounded by friends of their age group, who have gone through similar experiences as they have gone through. Melissa Firmes-Ray put it perfectly with her Facebook post on November 16 when she said: “KOA Care Camps puts children first. They are helping kids coping with cancer, but they are also helping to build strong communities that will last and support these kids in the future. KOA is professional, prudent and work with nonprofits to do the best job possible. I am grateful for the assistance they have provided and the growth they’ve generated in the children’s oncology camping community. Go KOA!!” We appreciate the immense encouragement from every one of our supporters, and invite you to browse our annual report for more events and information on KOA Care Camps!



To view our annual report for 2018 click here.



To view our annual report for 2017 click here.



To view our annual report for 2016 click here.


To view our annual report for 2015 click here.


To view our annual report for 2014 click here.


To view our annual report for 2013 click here.


KOA Care Camps is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

Registered Charity in Canada

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