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Donors Help Care Camps Raise $1 Million for 2014

It has been a year full of fundraising milestones for KOA Care Camps. Children with cancer have a great time in the outdoors at these medically supervised camps, which have received funds from the KOA Care Camps Trust since it was started in 1984. For the first time, annual donations topped $1 million in 2014, […]

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Story Highlights KOA Passion for Care Camps

Woodall’s Campground Management magazine has highlighted a number of companies’ efforts to champion worthy causes, including KOA’s Care Camps. “Thanks to the hard work, passion and commitment of KOA Care Camps, KOA franchisees and corporate parks and other generous donors, children fighting cancer and their families can enjoy a glimpse of life beyond this dreaded […]

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A Week of Support Brings Joy to Evie’s Family

Evie’s experience at Camp Boggy Creek in Florida boosted the spirits of her whole family.  Here’s her story taken from a recent camp newsletter. Meet a Champion – Evie While most young girls dream of tiaras and tea parties, Evie was diagnosed with cancer only a few months before her third birthday.  Medical treatments included […]

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Vehicle Donations Raise More Funds for Kids

Vehicle Donations Raise More Funds for Kids October 1, 2014 From coast to coast, donated vehicles are raising money for KOA Care Camps, and program founder Barry Stern is excited at the possibilities for growth. “I’m more enthused than I’ve ever been,” said Stern, who owns the Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucie KOA and launched the […]

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Thanks from Candlelighters of El Paso

Please extend to everyone at KOA Campgrounds our deepest Thank You for their support of our Summer Camps. Thanks to all the generous support, more than 130 children were able to enjoy time away from the daily struggle with cancer and have the opportunity to just be kids. Please visit our facebook page –“Candlelighters of […]

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Mom Has High Praise for Son’s Camping Experience

A letter to staff members at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta in Vermont, which is supported by KOA Care Camps: “There are not enough words to express my sincere thanks to all of you at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta. I was nervous about letting Mason go, because he had never been away with ‘strangers’ before. Well, I was so wrong […]

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