Sherman Goldenberg

RV Business

2901 E. Bristol St Suite B Elkhart, IN 46514

Phone: 574-457-3370

Cell: 574-457-6637


  Sherman Goldenberg, publisher of RV Business and Woodall’s Campground Management magazines, operates out of the RV-centric northern Indiana community of Elkhart. The publisher has been a board member for KOA for over 2 years. A former newspaper reporter and freelance writer, he last served as a vice president of California-based Affinity Group Inc., better known as Trailer Life magazines, prior to acquiring RVB and WCM with partner Beverly Gardner five years ago.

  Mr. Goldenberg attended an event about 10 years ago, at which he witnessed a live presentation from young representatives of KOA Care Camps. The young children spoke of their long-fought battles with cancer and the difficulties they had faced. The representatives then discussed the essential enjoyment and happiness their attendance at KOA Care Camps had brought them, and how it added sunshine to their arduous lives. The presentation consisted of multiple children, each reporting on their unique experience grappling with the illness and its implications on every aspect of their lives.

  The speech moved Mr. Goldberg immensely. Feeling a strong connection to the cause and an inherent sense of duty, he wanted to find a way to join KOA and assist in their cause. He decided to combine his goal to enhance the lives of children attending KOA with his passion for publishing and writing. Mr. Goldberg owns a small publishing house that has treated KOA as a special interest. The business prints the necessary publications for KOA along with other campground businesses.

  In general, Mr. Goldberg’s goal for the future of the organization is to continue stepping up the RV Involvement in Care Camps. He looks forward to watching KOA grow in numbers of participants. His publishing house monitors KOA news and continues to report on their noble cause. He’s thankful for the opportunity to make an impact.