We Care Awards that was presented at the KOA Convention on Nov 17th



One of this year’s Care Camps We Care recipients joined the Care Camps Board in February 2009 and is a KOA franchisee.  

From his instrumental role in the creation of the Canadian chapter of Care Camps, allowing Canadian donors to get income tax receipts for their donations; to his role in expanding the outreach and visibility of the Care Camps board of directors, this year’s recipient is a passionate champion for the Care Camps mission.

Our recipient chairs the Convention Committee and over the past three years has been responsible for auction logistics and the solicitation of sponsorships for both raffle and auction items.  He works tirelessly behind the scenes to help keep the Executive Director focused and organized.

He is passionate about Care Camps and has actively engaged his campers to advocate for and support the mission of care camps which resulted in significant donations and a culture of philanthropy and community among his guests.

For these reasons, the Care Camps board awarded one of this year’s “We Care Award”s to Daniel Parent, Cardinal KOA.