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CWRV Transport- Elkhart, IN

CWRV Transport has always been a huge supporter of Care Camps. In 2018 they organized local professional wrestling matches, sponsored driver challenges and centered their Giving Season fundraising efforts around the Care Camps.

The newest fundraising idea coming out of this industry leading Elkhart, ID company is, “Kids Helping Kids”.  This year CWRV Transport will be sponsoring their 2nd team, Team Care Camps, a girls 11-13 year old Softball team. CWRV also currently sponsors the 2018 Championship winning Concord Little League baseball team, CWRV.

The league has been very enthusiastic in their support of Care Camps and has made plans to promote the “Kids Helping Kids” initiative throughout the baseball season, May through July. These plans among many include having a “Care Camps at the Ballpark” week which will coincide with the KOA Care Camps “Big Weekend” on May 10/11.

Rob Jackson, Vice President of CWRV Transport and the Concord Little League Commissioner, Jewel Yoder, both agree this is an awesome way to show “giving back” to the all the young players and families.

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