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The KOA Care Camps program began in 1984 with establishment of the Care Camps Trust. That year donations from KOA owners and their campers totaled $7,100, which was divided among six camps for children with cancer. In 1989, eight new camps were added to the program, including two in Canada. Through the continued generosity and dedication of KOA owners and campers, the program has grown steadily, and presently the Care Camps Trust is able to contribute to a total of 94 camps. Each year now several thousand children who have been affected by cancer are touched by Care Camps donations.


2016: $1,452,534 2008: $275,000 2000: $200,000 1992: $130,000
2015: $1,422,668 2007: $252,500 1999: $150,000 1991: $110,000
2014: $800,000 2006: $200,000 1998: $200,000 1990: $98,000
2013: $550,000 2005: $175,000 1997: $170,000 1989: $80,000
2012: $500,000 2004: $150,000 1996: $153,000 1988: $37,450
2011: $400,000 2003: $175,000 1995: $145,000 1987: $39,995
2010: $400,000 2002: $200,000 1994: $133,000 1986: $15,900
2009: $325,000 2001: $200,000 1993: $130,000 1985: $8,000
      1984: $7,100

The Trust takes its responsibility for giving money away very seriously. It supports camps that serve only children who have cancer, or are in remission. A sibling may come, too, for they also are deeply affected as the family deals with this illness.


Each year there is an extensive review of every sponsored camp. To confirm the need for support, financial information from the previous year and the budget for the current year are carefully examined.

In a detailed questionnaire camp directors are asked to indicate: number of volunteer staff, number of paid staff, previous year’s attendance and cost per camper, along with projections for the current year. Also requested is a list of other major donors to the camp, as well as the number of children who are turned away because the family could not afford the fee, or because the camp did not have facilities or finances to accommodate them.

Once the completed questionnaires are received, they are reviewed and evaluated by Care Camps Trust members who judge how effectively each camp uses its funds. They are dedicated to ensuring that the children will enjoy a quality experience. Donors to Care Camps can be confident that their contributions are used wisely. With the program consisting of nearly all volunteers, Care Camps is proud that 100% of the funds received go directly to the cancer camps. Administrative costs and paid staff are covered by other funding.

If you are a Cancer Camp director and would like to receive funding for your camp, please fill out our application online each year that is posted in February. Funds are typically distributed in May. We welcome your application and look forward to working with your camp! If you have any questions please contact us at (800) 431-0513.

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