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Many generous donors have contributed to KOA Care Camps in memory of a dear friend or loved one.

Please pause and reflect on the individuals listed on this page. “In Memoriam” donations made in their name have helped children with cancer create many wonderful memories during their visit to a KOA Care Camp.

On behalf of the children, siblings, parents, volunteers and everyone else associated with KOA Care Camps, we thank contributors for their “In Memoriam” donations to honor those listed below.


  • Diana Lee Weisser
  • John Huseman
  • Michael Patrick Morgan
  • Delores Drenning
  • Candace Shannon
  • Joe Smith
  • Marilyn Schoof
  • Wendy Smith


  • George Lynn
  • Ray Maynard
  • Terry J. Guidry
  • Charles “Jack” Woodruff
  • Gary McMickle
  • Thomas E. Nichols


  • Dennis Burgess
  • Robert Cervenak
  • David H. Cooper
  • Eleanor Marie Lillian Lind
  • Alma Padgitt
  • John Perkins
  • Ashley Perrier
  • Ratsy Robin
  • Lori Tassin
  • Candy Tatem
  • Mark Weaver
  • Hannah Elizabeth Willis


  • Gerald Broussard
  • Robin Daniels
  • Larry Holtzclaw
  • Ruth Riskey
  • Howard “Skip” Shelp


  • Thelma Breaux
  • Lowell Eddy
  • Bobby King
  • Glenda McBride
  • Susan Motz
  • Dave Petitjean
  • Chris Riley
  • Fred Rohde


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